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Cultural heritage

On the Pilgrimage Route of Saint James of Compostela

From April to September, pilgrims pass through on foot and on bicycles.

They also stop at Ourscamp Abbey (one of the stages of the Compostela pilgrim route: any pilgrim can stay at Ourscamp Abbey), Golancourt, Guiscard, Carlepont and Tracy-le-Val. These places are on the GR 655 hiking trail that comes from Hélicine (Belgium), crosses the North and Picardy before arriving in Paris then continuing towards Tours and on down towards Compostela. Pilgrims stop at Noyon to get their pilgrim passport stamped, either at the Tourist Office, or at the Cathedral.

Information from the Father Hospitaller
Tél: +33 (0)3 44 75 72 14

Ourscamp Abbey

Ourscamp, the “field of the bear” ! But what is a bear doing in Picardy? And what does this have to do with the important remains of this Cistercian abbey founded in 1129, thanks to the efforts of Simon de Vermandois, Bishop of Noyon, 10 minutes from Noyon, in the heart of the forest? It is quite a story, or rather a legend: an ox was pulling a cart loaded with heavy stones destined for building an oratory. A large bear made short work of the ox in one mouthful. So what to do? How to transport these heavy blocks now? They prayed to Saint Eloi, who was watching over them: he answered them, tamed the bear, and harnessed it to the cart, and so the oratory could be built. It is in memory of this edifying story that Ourscamp was given this name, and our bear is immortalised on the triangular pediment of the Abbey building. Apart from this beautiful building from the 18th century, what is remarkable about Ourscamp is the ruins of the Abbey chancel. The romance of the place is inescapable: all along the pillars, above the vault ribs, the gaze rises up, as so many prayers and Gregorian chants must have risen in former times – perhaps you might hear a faint echo…? The 13th-century “Hall of the Dead” remains. This was the monks’ infirmary, and is now the abbey chapel and the special setting for numerous concerts.

Members of the Servants of Jesus and Mary community who live on this site offer books and products made on-site for sale. Their attractive shop also holds temporary exhibitions by regional artists.

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Noyon. Sources et Vallées. Oise. Picardie.

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