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A market town (red fruits market)

If there is one activity that sums up Noyon, it’s certainly markets. Even the Latin name of Noyon was Noviomagus, which means “New Market”.

The red fruits market

On the first Sunday of each July , the town welcomes the red fruits Market

It is without doubt the most famous market in Noyon, and the most authentic! A real festival based on red fruits where a good appetite is de rigueur. Local producers, craftsmen producers, surround the cathedral, and various events make this market a really colourful festival.

At 9 o’clock, a bell is rung to mark the start of the market, as has happened since 1883 during the red fruits Markets in June and July in Noyon.

Red fruits - a fascinating story

The Noyon region  was a wine-growing region, and then the inhabitants began to grow red fruits around the 10th century. Before the First World War, the production was destined for markets of Paris, the North of France and England. A municipal order around the end of the 19th century authorised the sale of produce on the Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville.

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The Free Market

On the first Tuesday of each month, the whole town turns into a market! All kinds of street peddlers, poultry sellers, and so much more – it all adds up to a stroll unlike any other.

The origins of this market go back to the Middle Ages. On 21 December 1832, a royal order made it official. Its name came from the transactions, particularly of sales of animals, by a simple handshake.

The Flower Market and the Christmas Market

The Flower Market

2nd or 3rd Sunday of May depending on the dates of the “Ice Saints” days.

The Christmas Market

In December just before Christmas.

See the Excursions and Events section.

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