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The Great War 1914-18

The 1914-1918 War brought its share of destruction to the communities of the Pays des Sources et Vallées.

The “Musée-Territoire 14-18” is an open sky museum that consists of a visitor trail, whose backbone is indicated by a red line that globally coincides with the front line. This trail leads to different tourist stops that allow the understanding of how a territory and its population have experienced the First World War, whose centenary will be commemorated in 2014-2018.


Important battles took place there, and placed many of the heritage buildings in danger. Strategic points such as the chateaux (Plessis-de-Roye, Dives, Chiry-Ourscamp, Carlepont etc) and church towers (Beaulieu-les-Fontaines, Thiescourt, Dives etc) were systematically bombarded.

Many quarries and underground passages became famous after the Great War, and can be visited through an association. Guided tours available on request. Examples are the Cinq Piliers quarries promoted by the Patrimoine de la Grande Guerre (Great War Heritage) Association, the La Botte quarry promoted by the Sauvegarde du Patrimoine (Heritage Preservation) Association and the Montigny quarry promoted  by the Machemontoise (Machemont Area Heritage Preservation) Association.

  • Patrimoine de la Grande Guerre ” Association, Chairman Didier Guenaff
    Email :
  • Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de Thiescourt ” (Thiescourt Heritage Preservation) Association
    Chairman Bruno De Saedeleer
    Tel: au +33 (0)3 44 43 60 56
    Email :
  • Juin 18 - Mémoire des Chars ” (18 June – Remembrance of the Tanks) Association, le président Bruno Jurkiewicz
    Tel: +33 (0)3 44 50 21 14 
  • Association du Souvenir Français  (French Memorial Association), Chairman M. Dreue
    Tel: +33 (0)3 44 85 03 93
  • La Machemontoise ” Association, Chairman M. Bouchain
    Tel: +33 (0)6 25 17 08 49

Map of the front line :

All these sites are located not far from the Armistice Clearing, in the Forest of Compiègne.

For more information on the remembrance tourism sites in the Oise Département, visit


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